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You are a Level1 ‘Peacemaker’ Enneagram Type…


ou made a wise choice taking your Enneagram type test today.

Your results show you’re a Peacemaker Type…currently living in partial  alignment (or level 2) to this Enneagram type.

You’re now just seconds away from unlocking the enormous potential inside you.

Living in ‘partial alignment’ to your Peacemaker type means you never really unlock or access your innate strengths, talents and gifts that can manifest an amazing life you…full of wealth and abundance

You’re like a Ferrari stuck in first gear.

You have the potential to manifest unlimited abundance, but partial alignment to your ‘Peacemaker Type’ means attracting money and financial stability is very difficult for you.

Life can be full of bad luck and disappointments for someone living out of alignment to their Peacemaker type.

You may experience constant missed opportunities like not getting that promotion or pay rise.

You may be living pay check to pay check…and never really feeling like you have enough for life’s luxuries, like holidays, travel, or meals out.

The home of your dreams or financial security may seem like a pipe dream.

Maybe you’re stuck in a job you hate or find really boring, or with a boss or work colleagues you don’t care for.

You may long for a career or life purpose that really makes you feel fulfilled and pays you what you’re worth.

You may still be waiting for your soul mate to come into your life and enrich it. When in partial alignment to the Peacemaker type-it’s difficult to attract the right kind of person into your life-who will support you and help you grow.

These are all the common experiences for people like you-in level 2 alignment to their Peacemaker type.

To better understand where you are right now- and the unlimited potential you have hidden inside…we need to look at…

The  3 Levels Of Alignment To The Enneagram Peacemaker Type

Level 1 people (not aligned)

These people are not aligned to their Peacemaker type in any way. (not even partially aligned like you)

In other words…they are living completely at odds with their strengths and weaknesses.

Life will NOT be working at all for level ones. It’s a serious uphill battle for them just to get by.

Level ones could even be homeless or very close to it. They may struggle to find work or any income at all.

Their finances might be a complete mess and they’re in serious debt constantly.

Bills go unpaid and worry about money is the sole focus of their lives.

Finding loving relationships is difficult, if not impossible for level one people.

And then we have…

Level 2 people (partially aligned)

As you know already- this is YOU…

Level 2 people are ‘partially’ aligned to their Peacemaker Enneagram type.

While not as bad as level 1 people, level 2 people still seriously struggle to manifest fully, the kind of life they truly desire.

And a loving supportive relationship is very hard for them to attract too.

And then we have…

Level 3 people (fully aligned)

Level 3 people are completely aligned to their Peacemaker Enneagram type.

They maximise their earning potential in positions, careers and business opportunities that are perfectly aligned to their strengths and weaknesses.

As the Billionaire investor Warren Buffet says…

‘People who know the edge of their competency are safe and successful. And those who don’t, Aren’t.’

They also manage their weaknesses very well so they don’t hold them back.

Living in alignment like this to your Peacemaker type means your natural talents and abilities can shine through.

When you’re using your natural talents and abilities-life can flow easily.

It’s like opening the door to all the gifts the universe has to offer you and money just shows up.

Or as the Famous American Author …Dean Koontz says:

I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill he can mine to support him and to succeed in life.



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