Sciatica SOS Review 


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What’s i the Sciatica SOS program?

Sciatica SOS is an ebook written by Glen Johnson and is a holistic and natural approach to getting rid of Sciatica.

It’s time to stop popping painkillers and get to the root of the problem.

I’ve had Sciatica for many years and I can say that I was a bit skeptic when I first found this product in an online forum.

Sciatica SOS promise that you will be Sciatica free in 7 days.

I can right now say that I wasn’t completely pain-free after only a week into the program.


2–3 weeks into the program something started to happen with me.

My whole body felt different in a weird way. Since I’d been a sufferer of sciatic nerve pain for so many years, I had gotten used to the pain.

All of a sudden, it wasn’t any longer a problem to get out of bed in the morning. (This process used to take 10 minutes for me in the worst days.)

I wasn’t ready to say “Heyy, I’m cured”, but it really got me thinking.

“Is it possible that this Sciatica SOS program is the real deal?”

Usually, my breakfast consisted of a couple of pills to take the edge off the nerve pain.

One morning when I sat at the breakfast table, sipping orange juice, I realized.

No.. That’s NOT my orange juice.. Come on.. You think I take a photo of a glass of orange juice?

Wow, I haven’t taken my painkillers today, and I feel human?

I started to turn my hip in order to maybe feel some pain.

Remember, I wasn’t ready to admit that this internet program really worked.

The rest is history as they say.

It’s now a full year since I started to use the Sciatica SOS program for Sciatica relief and even if I some times can feel some pain, I’m really pain-free for 350 days of the year.

That’s why I started my youtube channel where I try to help others that have a problem with sciatic pain.

Sciatica SOS PDF

The Sciatica SOS program comes as a PDF ebook. That means that you will be able to read it right away, not having to wait for it to dimp down in your REAL mailbox.

The ebook starts off by letting you know everything about what, when, how, why Sciatica strikes. While this might be a fun read for some, I must say that I skipped a few pages.

I was in it for the golden nuggets, the creme de la creme.

YES.. I have white-out the golden nuggets.. It wouldn’t be fair to show them since they are, well.. the golden nuggets.

Sciatica SOS Review Conclusion

As you might have expected by reading this far, you can see that I really liked it. That said, this is not some magic wand that will get rid of your pain if you don’t use it.

Many people that buy this kind of products will do only that..

Buy them, and then let them sit on the hard drive, collecting dust.

If that’s you, you might as well save your bucks for this month’s painkillers.

If you, however, are serious about finally getting rid of your sciatic nerve pain, I can REALLY recommend it, since it worked like it would have been magic for me.

If you decide to pick up the Sciatica SOS PDF via my link, I will give you the best kind of bonus you could ever imagine.

I have recorded a video where I show a hack that makes the nerve pain to go away almost instantly. This is something that I learned from a dear friend of mine that’s all into Eastern medicine practices.

So, if you’re ready to throw away all pills and start a new pain-free life, check out the link below.

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I can tell you that you will NOT regret that decision.

And even if you do, they offer a 60 days money back guarantee.

That’s it for this review.

I wish you my best and would love if you subscribe to my Youtube channel, where I create weekly videos for Sciatica sufferers.


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